Optimisation & assessment for Dust Collector


Client Issues

  • High dust level: difficulty to stay below the limits imposed by local authorities.
  • Risk for health and safety of personnel working on the process
  • Clogging and high slip of dust all along the process

Rerouting of ducts and full review of APC engineering (full dust collectors’ system)

  • Review of ducts engineering and size of APC system
  • CFD study of existing equipment
  • New equipment and optimization of existing hoods
  • Supply of high quality spare parts
  • Maintenance and technical service
  • Assistance during commissioning and start-up
  • Full system fine tuning
  • Plan of preventive maintenance
  • Avoid clogging of dust on the process
  • Significant improvement of dedusting action: APC system efficient and adequate
  • Monitoring of all filter’s parameters and dust collector smooth operation in order to prevent future malfunctioning