Maintenance & production upgrade for WHR-ORC


Client Issues

  • The thermal power available at clinker cooler outlet exceeds the expected values used for the original design ​of the waste heat recovery system (6,4 MWe)
  • Client is working the WHR system at peak conditions H24 7/7 days, with the risk of premature damage of the key components due to overload
  • Some equipment should be upgrade due to overload (bottlenecks)

System: WHR-ORC on (AQC) (start-up 2019)
Country: Turkey
Industry : Cement


Upgrade the existing WHR from 6,4 MWe to 7 MWe  and full maintenance service pack

  • Upgrade of key components (I.e.Pumps on diathermic oil, valves)
  • Assistance during commissioning and start-up
  • Full system fine tuning
  • Yearly programmed maintenance with original spare parts and site visits
  • Remote technical support and tickets openable directly by client H24
  • WHR system efficient and adequate to support the increased thermal power (temperature from 395° to 425°)
  • Energy generation capacity: + 40% (from 4,7MWe to 7MWe in H24 7/7)
  • Avoid overload of the system and ensure a stable energy production in normal conditions
  • Increase the equipment’s lifetime