Starting from a typical cement process flow chart, we have selected some process points in which the nuisance filters are necessary in order to allow a proper material handling. A comprehensive study and the deepl knowledge of the upstream equipment allow an efficient dedusting action and emission control by the filtering unit.

Data and configurations of these equipment are only for study purposes, real cases need may differ from the data showed.

Like for cement, coal mills can be vertical (roller) or horizontal (ball) and the circuit are similar, depending on the type of mill, vertical or horizontal ball mill.

From bag filter point of view, consideration are the same for raw and cement mills:

  • Horizontal mill= low dust load (e.g. 200 g/Nm3) and low operating negative pressure (-10 mbar)
  • Vertical mill= high dust load (e.g. 600 g/Nm3) and high operating negative pressure (- 60 mbar)

Precaution must be taken for explosion protection installing pressure relief devices and adopting antistatic bags of certificated conductivity.