Starting from a typical cement process flow chart, we have selected some process points in which the nuisance filters are necessary in order to allow a proper material handling. A comprehensive study and the deepl knowledge of the upstream equipment allow an efficient dedusting action and emission control by the filtering unit.

Data and configurations of these equipment are only for study purposes, real cases need may differ from the data showed.

Water spraying system

Water is injected by using spraying lances of different lengths in order to cover the whole ect cross area without touch the internal walls and avoiding water injectors spraying cone overlapping. If the water touch the walls it can be no more evaporated and cause mud in the ect bottom.

If the injectors spraying cone overlaps, water droplets become bigger and require more residence time for the complete evaporation. the result is always mud in the ect bottom.

Two difefrent types of water spraying system are available: Two phases system and Spill back system.

Two phases system – the nozzles

The nozzle consists of a fluid tip with a centre hole for the water and smaller holes around it for the air. The two fluids are mixed in an air cap and hit a stump, and the droplets are ejected trough small holes into gas stream.

Spill back system – the nozzles

The nozzle is composed by a swirl disc suppied with tangential holes, a nozzle cap with a centre injection hole and a centre pipe for the return flow. the water at the nozzle wall is directed toward the exit hole and the water in the centre region is directed to the return hole.