CTP Team highlights the conditions of innovation in the road to a sustainable process for cement industry and announces the upcoming projects

Innovative view

Innovation can be defined as the application of existing technologies to make a product or a process able to add value to human life. Impacting on the human lives, products and processes can become sustainable. The most innovative view is to keep in mind this statement to twist the cement industry paradigm. Innovability puts the humans in the center: add value for the business by involving people to create value for communities and environment to fight against climate change and global warming.

Innovative technology

Innovation in technology is needed to promote a better use of the energy and reduce wastes, recovering as much as possible what is recoverable.

Looking to the past, innovations for the reduction of industrial emissions and protect the environment have been introduced since about 50 years ago, basing on the application of new technologies that, seen with today’s eyes, have a considerable impact on the balance of the environmental sustainability of the plant if the energy needed do not come from renewable sources.
Today, new technologies are ready to sustain the reduction of the cement industry’s environmental footprint; the application of such techniques requests an innovative view, at 360°, touching all the aspects, including interfaces with humans.

The challenge is double: the optimisation of the efficiency of the equipment and the recycling of the “refuses” of energy, that in cement industries are basically concentrated in the heat no more used into the process.

Many cement producers are already moving on this roadmap.