Main features

In the flow diagram, water is pumped to elevated pressure before entering a waste heat recovery boiler. The water is vaporized into high-pressure steam by the hot exhaust from the process and then expanded to lower temperature and pressure in a turbine, generating mechanical power that drives an electric generator.

  • Steam turbines are one of the oldest and most versatile power generation technologies in use for cement plants.
  • Lower installation costs than other Rankine cycle systems on a specific cost basis (US$/kW)
  • Need higher temperature of waste heat to operate, optimally ≥ 260°C (500°F): lower temperature or pressure can cause blade erosion in the turbine
  • Require a full-time operator
  • Require feedwater conditioning systems, water/air-cooler condensers which can affect the system performances

In general, match well with large kilns and systems with low raw material water content.

Flow Diagram of SRC-based power generation system