Engineering & process optimisation


Thanks to the long experience of our experts in industrial plants, we can provide to our customer constant support, quality and engineering consultancy  throughout our service of expert quality advisors.


Consider the past to build the future

Research & development technology

Our team of process engineers and R&D specialists are dedicated to the continuous improvement of our solutions, new product and technologies. Looking for highest performances and best available techniques.

Case histories and insights about engineering advisory support


Improve baghouse performance – by Matteo Colombo

How can the industrials ensure that the existing air pollution control (APC) system still performs within the threshold inlet parameters and this does not lead to premature wear of its internal components and uncontrolled energy consumption?


Fluid dynamics analyse to contribute to filter pressure drop

Towards Fluid dynamics analyse , our experts parameter the quantity of dust reaching the bags (dust pre-settling), improve the dust distribution on the filtering surface and enhance shape and position of mechanical elements inside the filter to contribute to the filter pressure drop.