High Precision Filtration

Elevating filtration standards with cutting-edge filter bags to reach OTP benchmarks in performance, reliability, and efficiency. 

What is HPF Precision Filtration®?

HPF Precision Filtration® serves as the specialized manufacturing division of CTP Team, dedicated to the production and customization of premium filter bags for a wide array of industrial applications.

The Importance of Filter Bags

Filter bags are key components of Air Pollution Control systems, where their selection, design, and fitting are crucial for seamless and enduring operation. Factors such as elongation during handling and manufacturing, along with specific material properties, demand meticulous attention during the design phase.

Paolo Pranzo
OTP Product Manager – Technical Textiles

For general inquiries:
otpdivision@ctp.mi.it or call +39(0)35 6968501

Our Approach

High Precision Filtration (HPF), leveraging CTP Team’s expertise as an OEM and Optimization division (OTP), meticulously oversees all aspects of filter bag production. With a steadfast commitment to technical excellence, we ensure each project operates at the forefront of filtration technology.

Performances, Reliability, Savings and Quality


  • Manufacture and supply of top quality filter bags
  • Wide range of technical textiles, fibers and felts
  • Any type of construction and realisation
  • Multiple industrial applications
  • Any type of material finish (water-oil repellent, antistatic, ePTFE membrane, PTFE coating, etc)
  • Filter cages & filtration accessories


  • Laboratory analysis (critical filter medias)
  • Technical support for proper media selection
  • Filter assessment combined with OEM extensive know-how
  • Worldwide shipping and logistic
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