Europe standards and best available techniques


In-house mechanical design of the full project, process, automation equipment, electric system, we provide all the technical details, requirements and related documentation.

High customized design & reliable technology

All our solutions are designed internally to provide a reliable technology with performances guaranteed. The technical department counts on experts engineers from different discipline: mechanical designer, 3D-experts, process engineers , automation and electrical experts.
An integrated team with one single single goal to bring the project from paper to manufacturing and provide to our customers all the technical details, maintenance and relalted documentation. be they air pollution control or whr systems. Benefits of in-house engineering: – full intergration of mechanical and electrical scope; – open dialogue with technical team of our customers; – fast reply in case of adjustment during manufacturing phase and construction; the internal variety of disciplines allows us to support our customers for full EPC Turn-key projects.

Case histories and insights about in-house engineering


Improve baghouse performance – by Matteo Colombo

How can the industrials ensure that the existing air pollution control (APC) system still performs within the threshold inlet parameters and this does not lead to premature wear of its internal components and uncontrolled energy consumption?