Cement and lime are the main reference markets for CTP since 1970. Being one of the most dusty industries, our equipment for gas treatment are designed for the heaviest process applications such kiln/raw mill, clinker coolers, cement and coal grinding and kiln bypass. Bag Filters, Gas Conditioning Towers, Heat Exchangers and conversion or upgrade of existing units have been supplied for the main customers worldwide with excellent results.

Any application with high dust loads, corrosive environment, wet, abrasive or sticky materials are involved in this industry and CTP grants decades of experience both in equipment design and process control.

Our solutions for the cement industry

Air pollution control

Keep under control the pollutant emissions to prevent the environmental impact of the industrial plants and to preserve the quality of the air for common good of our communities.

Process Filter & Swap Technology

Our fabric filters are available in standard designs as well as highly-customised solutions: both options provide the highest dust and other particulate removal efficiency to meet strict emissions requirements.

Nuisance Filters

Fully integrated in the industrial process, these equipment are compact and no-stop working. Useful add-on to keep the level of dust under control.

Waste heat recovery

Waste Heat Recovery (WHR) is a profitable, low-carbon, environmentally friendly system to produce electricity by recovering heat from industrial processes.

Gas cooling

A wide range of gas cooling solutions for the reduction of temperatures of industrial gases for the following applications (for cement): conditioning tower, downcomers, clinker cooler, cyclones.