CTP has always been oriented to the combustion of biomass and waste as eco-friendly systems to produce energy. Natural materials like wood chips and sawdust or agricultural and food industry residues are used for energy generation as well as municipal solid waste through urban incinerators. The very different origin of these alternative fuels, some of which are capable of burning or generate a dust explosion, needs a dedicated gas treatment system to guarantee a safe application performing a long-lasting efficiency.

Over the past years, CTP developed many installations involving equipment of typical medium and small scale specifically designed for this industry such as reactors, SCR systems, centrifugal separators and dedicated bag filter units with or without WHR power plants  to combine the air pollution control with energy production as a full green and clean installation.

Our solutions for the WTE industry

Air pollution control

Keep under control the pollutant emissions to prevent the environmental impact of the industrial plants and to preserve the quality of the air for common good of our communities.

Process Filter & Swap Technology

Our fabric filters are available in standard designs as well as highly-customised solutions: both options provide the highest dust and other particulate removal efficiency to meet strict emissions requirements.

Nuisance Filters

Fully integrated in the industrial process, these equipment are compact and no-stop working. Useful add-on to keep the level of dust under control.

Waste heat recovery

Waste Heat Recovery (WHR) is a profitable, low-carbon, environmentally friendly system to produce electricity by recovering heat from industrial processes.

Gas cooling

A wide range of gas cooling solutions for the reduction of temperatures of industrial gases for the following applications (for cement): conditioning tower, downcomers, clinker cooler, cyclones.