Support on-site


Our team of site supervisors support the customers onsite during all the civil works, assembly and erection to minimize the construction time of the system and ensure the proper installation of all the equipment. During the commissioning and start-up of the system: our process engineers test the whole system before the start –up. With a long-experience in several industrial processes, our experts ensure the full integration of our system in the industrial process: modifying the machine parameters according to the process conditions.

The correct setting up of each equipment is necessary to optimize the working conditions of the system, keep low operating costs and achieve the maximum lifetime of the new machines. Indeed, our technicians will provide also technical training to the customer’s personnel operate and maintain the equipment in the most efficient way during time.

  • Prevent equipment damages and production losses
  • Strong procedures reduce costs and save time
  • The correct setting up guaranteed
  • Training onsite and release of detailed documentation for future back up

Case histories and insights about on-site services